Glamour is about quality, not quantity, a few touches of spark and drama, glamour is not over the top, it’s about elegance, sophistication and an air of timeless design.

A glamorous home should be tidy and neat, dust, fingerprints, toys and shoes scattered around it’s definitely NOT glamorous!

There is no need to spend a lot of money to transform your home, here are some ideas taken from Pinterest that can help you obtain that glamorous look in your own place.

  • Add golden pieces (chairs, cushions, gold candles, vases).
  • Invest in a statement chandelier, glass provides the sparkle and clean look we are looking for.
  • Hang extra long curtains and install the rods high on the walls, choose luxe fabrics like silk or velvet.
  • Add mirrors with classic frames.
  • Limit your palette of colors to 2 or 3 colors including white or cream. Use very neutral colors.
  • Select monochromatic furniture, rather than a large piece of furniture, choose an accent piece.
  • Layer tables or floor with sheepskin rugs.
  • Bring fresh flowers in small bouquets as table arrangements, avoid roses, try white or light colors.